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Carbon K - Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines

 We are an independent UK based engine carbon cleaning company. We specialise in manufacturing & supplying the public and automotive sector with our custom built carbon cleaning range. 

All our machines are tested rigorously to ensure they do the job right first time round.

If your  looking for a carbon cleaning machine  then you have come to the right place. We have a range of bespoke machines that will suit beginners or professionals. All our machines are built with the highest attention to detail and care. We pride ourselves in supplying the market with affordable and mobile machines. If your looking to setup a new business venture or just to use at home, we will have the right machine for you!  

what is carbon cleaning?


Carbon cleaning is an effective way of removing carbon deposits in the internals of an engine, turbo, EGR and DPF systems. The Carbon Kings machine uses a specially formulated Koh mix that is designed to create the most purest hydrogen possible.


Hydrogen is highly flammable much more so than petrol so when your engine ignites the hydrogen the explosion ignites the petrol with much better results (cleaner, less waste and fewer emissions) than it would otherwise have done. The hydrogen burns at a higher rate than fuel. When driving at high speeds on a motorway, your engine will reach very high temperatures. What we have created is a way to simulate motorway speeds but while the car at idle on your driveway. Because the hydrogen is burning faster along with fuel the engine will reach optimal temperature at idle. While this cycle is in process, the hydrogen is stripping the carbon from the walls of the engine and parts. This is a very safe way and will not over heat the engine or damage anything along the way.

The hydrogen´s higher burn temperature and explosive force is such that it cleans the soot that collects in the engine (it is like having the engine consistent maintains) and with a cleaner engine you get better mileage, quieter engine, better fuel economy, better response,  and to recover lost BHP over the years.

· More Responsive

· Lower Emissions

· Potential Fuel Savings

· Smoother Performance

· Restored Power

· Enhanced Driving Experience

· Less Vibrations

· Restored Torque

A carbon clean is a preventative service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean alongside your annual service, we also recommend for it to be completed when and where possible. The build-up of carbon is the result of a lot of engine and turbo failures. This is the main cause of breakdowns. If you take care of your car it takes care of you!


Because carbon cleaning is well known in the UK and more people are aware of its benefits to their vehicle. You can take advantage of it. Not all garages have machines, and you would think the first place people would go is to a garage. But carbon cleaning machines are mobile it can be done anywhere! We have sold many many units to mobile professionals, remappers and mobile mechanics. And most importantly we have sold to those who wish to open a new business with our machines.

Lets break it down, If you conduct one carbon clean a day for £70 over the week for 5 days. That will come to £350 per week or £1400 per month! And that is taking into consideration having 2 days off in the week. So the annual income will be £17,500! Now that's not bad for one carbon clean a day!

Now put that into perspective, once you have your customer base (you will have repeat business from the same customers time after time) and you work 7-8 hours a day, over the month you can earn quite a fair bit. And the best part of it all is our machine does all the hard work for you! You can just sit back and let the machine do its thing! 

The income potential is great, but our service doesn't stop there. We also provide useful business advice and how you can make the most of your machine and new business. Just give us a shout!

 - YOU CAN NOW SPREAD THE COST WITH 0% FINANCE!!!! - Free up your cash flow with financing. So you can concentrate on other parts of your business that needs it. This is the best way to spread the cost, which will then give you the flexibility that you may need. With low monthly fixed payments, no deposits, no upfront payments! Fast turnaround and 100% approval!  

G6 Carbon Cleaning Machine Carbon K

G6 Carbon Cleaning Machine Carbon K

carbon k PRODUCTS

G6 Carbon Cleaning Machine Carbon K



This is our small but mighty mobile carbon cleaner. This will clean up to 10,000cc engines. Its a good size unit suited for mobile operations. Very light in weight but also a very powerful machine! 

If your thinking about getting into the carbon cleaning business then this is the machine to do it. Don't be put off with its size. This has state of the art custom built internals. With upgraded circuit boards for higher voltage and uprated pressure vessels, which are made in Germany with powerful cells for the production of hydrogen. It also has built in safety features for safe operation. 

You will not be disappointed with its performance. The machine will also  come with a 24 months warranty! Please click below to find out more.

 YOU CAN NOW SPREAD THE COST WITH 0% FINANCE!!!! - Ask for more details! 

G7 Carbon Cleaning Machine Carbon K


 This is our newest edition the G7! This is a mighty machine that has substantial power and creates higher purity of hydrogen. Its the same size as the G6 but more powerful!


G6 Carbon Cleaning Machine Carbon K

KOH Potassium Crystals

 Specially blended KOH crystals for the purpose of carbon cleaning. The crystals are to be mixed with distilled water to create the KOH solution. This is a premium quality blend that has been tested and is the most efficient blend you can purchase on the market.  





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