Want to become a distributor?


Become one of our distrubtors and you will be part of an international network that provides decarbonising products!

We are always looking  to develop in new markets and Carbon-K enjoys a history of forming strong and lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our distributors.

The Benefits

- Carbon-K products are manufactured in our state of the art facility in the UK with manufacturing processes that keep our products at the cutting edge of material innovation. In addition our products have a 2 year warranty!

- Providing support is our number one aim. This is what will keep our distributors growing year on year. Carbon Kings will provide a dedicated email address that will be monitored during UK working hours. This will give you direct access to our support team.

- We would also like you to become part of the production process. Carbon Kings are constantly reviewing our products and looking for new offerings. We aim to produce products that are globally appealing. So we welcome and encourage feedback, ideas or help development of new products. So time to time we will send you our new product tech sheets. We may also be able to send you a prototype to test.